5 Sure Shot Signs Your Garden Needs Topdressing

There is no doubt about the fact that topdressing replenishes soil nutrients and improve the overall look of your garden. However, if you think it is just a normal gardening procedure and can be carried out only if you want to, you are absolutely wrong.  There are circumstances that desperately call for topdressing.

There are times when using high quality compost and best top dressing lawn equipment is the only option left to improve your lawn. If you aren’t sure whether it is time to top-dress your lawn or not, simply look for the signs mentioned below…

5 Signs which suggest the need topdressing

  1. Your lawn has fragile plants, very large plants or heavy pots

There are plants and trees that gets damaged even at the slightest touch. Now, if you wish to do something to help them grow well, topdressing is your only option. Similarly, to ensure that your large and tall plants stay in place, it is ideal to topdress them. This will help them from bending or falling.

As far as large pots are concerned, it is very difficult to repot them regularly. So, to eliminate heavy lifting, tilting or emptying such large pots, it is best to just topdress them.

  1. You are dealing with raised garden beds 

Since in raised gardens, soil is basically stacked above ground level, it is obvious that it’s nutrients will get washed out with time. Now, this nutrient deprives soil can benefit a lot from regular top-dressing.

  1. Your trees or plants are constantly growing in shallow or wet soil

It is very difficult for trees or plants to survive in shallow or wet soil. However, they do get adapted to such living conditions. Then again, with time they extract away all the available nutrients from the soil, and need richer and healthier soil to survive further. With topdressing you can replenish these nutrients without harming these trees or plants at all.

  1. When forest soil dreadfully needs De-compacting

In forests, because of constant movements of heavy machinery and trucks, the soil gets compact. Now, when a fresh layer of compost of other materials is topdressed on such soil, it attracts worms and countless other small insects. These creatures efficiently decompacts the soil.

  1. You haven’t topdressed your lawn ever

Usually what happens is, your lawn grows, it is mown and its trimmings are thrown away. So, basically you remove the organic materials and don’t replace them. In such a condition, your lawn can benefit a lot from topdressing. In fact, top dressing will –

  • replenish nutrients in your lawn soil
  • de-compact soil
  • provide support to lawn grass
  • increase water retention
  • reduces moss

So, even though topdressing is a tough job, it is worth it. Also, to make your task easier, you can always get in touch with ecolawnapplicator.com, for quality topdressing materials and equipment.

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