Know the Best Refrigerator for Storing Your Favourite Kimchi

If you love spicy food, but also bothered about a healthy gut, perhaps kimchi comes to your mind. This traditional Korean dish is made by fermenting cabbage and adding other ingredients like hot red peppers, garlic, ginger, and leeks, that offers so many health benefits.

In the past, to lock in the flavor and aroma of kimchi and to preserve it, people used to dig a hole in the ground and bury the jar of kimchi and it remained tasty for the whole year. However, now with the availability of precision cooling refrigerators, you get the same effect as burying the mud jar in the ground.

LFD22786ST is a 30-inch-wide LG refrigerator that has a sleek stainless-steel finish and comes with French door design. The size is suitable even for small spaces in your kitchen. You can organise everything in this spacious 22-cubic-foot capacity refrigerator and keep all your food stay fresh for longer time with the help of the linear compressor.

Kimchi and Its Health Benefits

Kimchi can be served with almost all meals. Since it is a fermented food, it tastes sour and tangy. It can be used as a side dish or as a flavourful ingredient in dishes like noodles, sandwiches and even in pizzas.

Kimchi is rich in probiotics that helps balance between good and bad bacteria in your gut. A healthy gut also enhances the immune system. Studies even show that kimchi helps in reducing the bad cholesterol and increases the antioxidant levels and thus, helps improve the heart health.

When you include this flavorful kimchi in your daily diet, you feel fuller and satisfied with just having a healthier portion of meals. Thus, kimchi can help you indirectly for losing extra pounds.

Why Not Traditional Refrigerators?

Conventional refrigerators have indirect cooling system where a constant temperature cannot be maintained. While kimchi refrigerators perform direct cooling and maintain even temperature. This helps keep diverse foods, even milk, fresh for months. Moreover, these refrigerators allow necessary bacteria to develop that are necessary for kimchi.

Normal refrigerators remove the moisture in food, which won’t be suitable for food like kimchi and other juicy foods. Kimchi refrigerators help maintain the texture, flavour and taste of kimchi for months.

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