Improving Your Property Value With Garden Design

Interior design is a well-celebrated pursuit and most homeowners will be very eager to ensure that their property both feels and looks great. However, garden spaces are often given slightly less consideration despite the significant influence they have on a home’s utility, comfort, and market value.

Following the outbreak of COVID in 2020, and the various lockdowns that took place across the UK in the months after, demand for garden spaces has been growing significantly. While the sudden rise in demand for outdoor spaces has gradually slowed down, it has certainly not decreased and over half of those looking to purchase a property still note a garden space as being a priority.

Garden spaces, however, are not necessarily going to add value to a home simply because they exist. In fact, their ongoing maintenance coupled with a potentially low-quality design can actually limit the interest in a property, preventing it from performing well on the housing market. As such, homeowners should make efforts to ensure that their gardens are designed well, not only for their own enjoyment but for the potential value of their property too.

Create Order

 The easiest way to ensure a garden feels tidy is to regiment its space. Wildflowers can very easily overtake outdoor areas, creating a messy lack of division that must be cut back before it can be enjoyed. However, if a garden is regimented, with dividing features such as pathways, decking, patios, and raised beds, the presence of wildflowers can be both controlled and pleasant.

Regimented spaces also allow for a more practical navigation and utility of a space too, with less maintenance required to keep a garden space looking great.

Outbuilding Utility

Becoming more popular across the UK are garden outbuildings. These structures, from summer houses to log cabins, are both sitting alongside and replacing the traditional garden shed, opening a garden space up to a number of utilisations.

Some, for example, are installing them as professional spaces, bringing a private office space to their home without sacrificing a bedroom to their employment needs. Others are getting creative and using an outdoor space to support their artisanal pursuits or favourite forms of entertainment. 

Sustainable Property

Coinciding with a growing interest in the environment and local ecology, garden designs have become increasingly geared toward sustainability. Those outdoor spaces that have established means of reducing a home’s carbon footprint, as a result, are more likely to see higher bids when placed on the market.

Features, from rainwater collection to home composting systems, bring benefits to homes not only for their carbon-reducing activity, but also for the money they can save too. Solar panels and water collection systems allow homeowners to both minimise their electricity spend and reduce their water usage.

Growing Systems 

Another example of an eco-friendly pursuit that can help homeowners to save money is home-growing. By dedicating a small or large part of a garden space to growing fruits and vegetables, homeowners can achieve an attractive garden that also enables them to take ingredients to spruce up their meals, save money on groceries, and even impress guests.

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