The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Foot Rest Under Your Desk at Work

The Well Desk Rest has a four-inch height. Because of how soft the cushioning was, it wasn’t exactly a wonderful thing. On the other hand, the height is ideal for the foot rest for under desk at work. The foam was a fantastic mix of softness and firmness. The following are the pros and Cons of using office foot rests at work:


  1. The ideal height is four inches.
  2. Enough breadth for your feet to sprawl out.
  3. Cushioning that is firm yet not too firm.
  4. It doesn’t create a sound


  1. The short time rubber smell
  2. Zipper placement isn’t perfect

More benefits:

  • Provides all necessary support

If you apply only light or moderate pressure to the foam, it will not sink. It provides the necessary support for your feet throughout the day. The flat side of the Office Ottoman can be used to allow you to move your legs back and forth.

  • Continuous movement is also not an issue.

Continuous progress is also not an issue. So, to avoid the footrest from slipping, there are little tread grips made of natural rubber. Plus, these microbead grips do more than keep you from slipping. The grips can assist in massage your aching feet if you put them in an inverted position.

  • The footrest is obscured by audible noise.

You don’t have to remove the plastic covering from the Office Ottoman. When you utilize the footrest, the plastic makes no discernible noise. It’s also less difficult to maintain clean. Wipe the dirt off the plastic using a damp cloth. You can always wash the removable cover if you remove the plastic.

  • It is an idea In terms of cleanliness

In addition, the foam itself is extremely clean. It’s a medical-grade variety that’s also antibacterial. There’s also no need to be concerned if you have allergies because the foam is fully hypoallergenic. The Ottoman office footrest provides plenty of room for mobility. Furthermore, even if you utilize a seat cushion, the Office Ottoman Foot Rest height allows for plenty of movement. Your feet have enough room to go forward and backward with a length of 11.5 inches. Similarly, its 17.5-inch width is significantly larger than the normal footrest.

  • What Users Despise

The rubbery fragrance of the Office Ottoman is a minor complaint. When you take the footrest out of the package, you’ll notice it immediately. It’s not a bad smell, but it’s not one you’d want to have in your workplace, especially if the door is always locked. Fortunately, the odor dissipates after several days.


Furthermore, the location of the zipper pull isn’t perfect. This foot rest, unlike the one foot rest for under desk at work, is at the bottom. In other words, your floor may develop scratches over time. Consider acquiring a carpet for protection if you have a hardwood floor. Lastly, if you are searching for ideal rest for a particular need, feel free to browse here for further guidance.

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