Should I Upgrade my Front Door Security

Your front door should always be the first thing that you look at when you are considering either buying home security products for the first time or if you are in the process of upgrading the home alarm system you have in place. It might seem like too obvious a point of entry for a burglar to gain entry into your home through the front door, but it is often the most vulnerable point in a property because of that mindset. This is why you should always look at upgrading your front door security to ensure that you are fully prepared for all eventualities.

There are a few different ways in which you can bolster your front door security, as well as tying it in with your overall home alarm system that connects the different home security products and smart technology that you may have around the home. We’ll take a look at a few of your options, making sure you are fully informed before purchasing brand new home security solutions.

Front Door and Kick Panel One of the first things you can do is to ensure your front door itself is as sturdy as possible, and that the panel at the bottom of the door is robust enough to withstand being kicked by someone trying to break through it.

Front Door Lock Your front door lock is so important, as a weak lock will be easy for a seasoned burglar to be able to break through. A good lock should take half hour or longer to break, enough time to make the move too risky for someone attempting unlawful entry.

Video Doorbell A smart video doorbell allows you to see exactly who is at your front door and to speak to them through a two-way audio function. This is fantastic for you to check on deliveries, and to see who is knocking at your door if you are in bed at night, or even away from home at work or on holiday.

Light Sensors Motion light sensors are old hat these days, but they can make a big difference to help you feel safe, especially if your front door is secluded or shaded from the view of the public. The light will automatically turn on around your front door should someone enter that area.

All of these front door security products can be placed within an overall home security system, with the video doorbell and light sensors in particular linked to a home alarm and smart control system that you can manage from your phone through an application. They can all work to help you feel much safer at home.

Remember, that once you have decided that you want to bolster your front door security, you should always speak to specialist in the field of home security before purchasing and installing the items at your home. Choose a supplier of home security products with a reputation that you can trust, a wide range of products to choose from and specialist assistance and advice that help you choose which product is right for your specific home, needs and budgets. They should also help you decide whether to undertake a DIY installation of the home security product or if you would be better hiring a professional installer to visit your home.

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