Characteristics and Advantages of Epoxy Based Flooring

Epoxy floor covering is used in a wide variety of applications and can be seen in many high traffic locations like supermarkets and warehouses. It is a very popular product because of its many advantages. Epoxy flooring is generally a combination of two components, a resin, and a hardener that when combined harden into a durable and usually smooth hard-wearing surface. Epoxy materials require specific conditions for correct applications, but when done correctly, they are an excellent choice for commercial flooring applications.

Surface: Most commonly epoxy is applied to concrete, but there are formulations for other substrates. The condition of the concrete is important to get good adherence to the epoxy so it will be long lasting. The concrete must be checked to see if it is still in good enough condition to be used, and whether the concrete has previously been sealed. If it has been sealed it might not be able to be used for epoxy because a porous surface is required. Sometimes a primer is also needed.

Advantages: there are many advantages of epoxy floor covering, here are just a few.

  • A smooth, high gloss surface that creates a hygienic and fresh appearance.
  • Incredibly hard-wearing surface that can take heavy traffic even from fork list and palette trucks
  • It is easy to maintain and clean. Epoxy flooring resists all kinds of spills. Including high chemical resistance and it keeps its colour through many years of cleaning and heavy use.
  • Epoxy applies like paint and is therefore open to any number of design ideas. You can colour code your floor for safety areas, or to indicate traffic flow, and there are choices available for patterning to imitate other flooring materials like marble.
  • Epoxy protects your existing floor, Epoxy forms a hard shell over your concrete making it stronger than before, and much more resistant to wear and impact damage.
  • Epoxy is very long-lasting meaning that it will save you money over time compared to other options. Discover commercial epoxy flooring costs in Adelaide. And it will require much less maintenance over its lifetime.

A little research will show that Epoxy is a very popular product and is being used in commercial applications all over. With some creativity, incredible designs and patterns can be made with epoxy to bring a little life to what would otherwise be a very ordinary surface. If the application is left to professionals you can rest assured that epoxy flooring is a sound choice for warehouse applications, and it will continue to pay dividends for many years.

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